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STK releases

Note that all releases are also available on mirrors sites!

  • STK v2.0.alpha6 (2006/11/30, 268 kB, gzipped tarball) - sixth STK release, StkTextArea component

  • STK v2.0.alpha5 (2006/11/01, 258 kB, gzipped tarball) - fifth STK release, StkGauge component + fixes and improvements

  • STK v2.0.alpha4 (2006/03/28, 125 kB, gzipped tarball) - fourth STK release + demos + documentation, simplified callback functions, added new component StkPanel with 6 types of border, added property color for all components, updated documentation, more demos, minor other improvements...

  • STK v2.0.alpha3 (2006/01/28, 125 kB, gzipped tarball) - third STK release + demos + documentation, stable, features like alpha2 but meny bugfixes, mainly in focus handling, two new components StkMenuItem and StkEdit (only basic support), multi window application support, improved building scripts, more demos...

  • STK v2.0.alpha2 (2005/11/14, 100 kB, gzipped tarball) - second STK release + demos + documentation, stable, features like alpha1 but optimized components drawings (now 3x faster), many bugfixes, optional Imlib support (PNG, JPEG, GIF, XPM, ...) or default libxpm support (only XPM images)

  • STK v2.0.alpha1 (2005/11/07, 325 kB, gzipped tarball) - first STK release, stable, most of main programming works on core is done, easy to create other components. Basic core + components + demos + documentation. Components: label, button, checkbox, radiobutton, image, shortcut, slider. Some minor stuff, like window::maximize, window::fullscreen, ... not implemented yet.

    Applications which uses STK

  • qvwm-volume-v2.0.tgz (2005/10/12 70 kB) - simple program for setting audio volume


  • icccm.pdf (2005/11/14, 150 kB, pdf file) - Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual