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  • - X Window System
  • GCC GNU C Compiler
  • SDL Simple Directmedia Layer library
  • GGI General Graphics Interface
  • DirectFB Graphics library using frame buffer
  • FBUI Frame Buffer User Interface

    Other toolkits

  • FLTK Fast and Light ToolKit project page
  • GTK Gimp ToolKit project page
  • Qt Qt toolkit project page
  • FOX toolkit Fox GUI toolkit, c++, X11/Win32
  • aedGUI Cross-platform, easy to use, c++ GUI based on SDL
  • GLO Platform independent GUI library for games
  • GraphApp multiplatform GUI for X11/Mac/Win32, c/c++
  • LGI Lightweight GUI Interface, SDL/Glut based, Linux/Win32/BeOS
  • libUFO UI for OpenGL, c++, SDL/Glut based,
  • Lit Lit Window Library, c++, easy to make UI
  • LiteClue Widget bubble/baloon help X widget
  • ParaGUI cross-platform GUI, SDL based
  • sjgui OpenGL GUI, very easy and fast development
  • TOAD GUI Simple c++ GUI toolkit for X11
  • V GUI, c++ for X11 and OS/2
  • AbsoluteX free classed for X11, uses libsigc++

    X Programming manuals

  • Xlib programming - very good Xlib manual from "choo", 2 parts
  • ??? - online Xlib man pages in html form