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  • stk-v2.0.alpha6.tgz - latest STK v2.0 alpha 6 release + demos + doc, stable, 270 kB .tgz file, [2006-11-30]

    What is STK

    STK is shortcut for Simple ToolKit. STK is set of visual components for X Window System. It is very simple, light and fast. STK is writen in the C/C++ language and use only Xlib, Xutil and xpm libraries. STK is distributed under GNU GPL licence so it is absolutely free and open.

    Main aim of STK is to be simple for use in programs, maybe to be simplest for use in programs for programmers. It is really very easy, look at demo sources under the images in screenshots sections.

    Feel free to contact me, the author of STK, whenever with feedback, questions, suggestions, ideas, or bug reports. I hope that you find STK useful when developing your own applications under X. Send me an email to

    What is STK not!

    STK was developed with some ideas. That is keep it simple and fast, not to fritt with resources, programmer's or user's time. Therefore next features will never be implement: antialias effects, transparent effects, bitmapped buttons, themes.

    STK is NOT (yet) platform independent. I am working on a port to FBUI (FrameBuffer User Interface). But it is still in the early stage of development.


  • Bugfixes and optimizations
  • Timer component and try to make SIOM application
  • Improve WM hints on window, icon support (see demo2)
  • Write more components: Edit (finalize it), Combobox, Spinedit, Listbox, Memo components, Speedbutton, Popupmenu, Menu, Shelledit, Bitmapbutton, ...


    Linux, X Window System, gcc, libxpm or Imlib, i386



    Added new release, STK 2.0.alpha6 with StkTextArea component


    Fixed broken link on main page


    STK v2.0.alpha4 released - Simplified callback functions, added SetColor and GetColor method, added component StkPanel, Menu item fixes, other minor improvements


    I'm finalizing alpha 3 release, many bugfixes, new components (MenuItem and Edit), improved building scripts, more demos, multi window application support, and more...


    Second official release, STK v2.0.alpha2, many bugfixes, PNG, GIF and JPEG support via Imlib, much faster components drawings


    This page was stored on


    Basic html and pdf documentation done, web almost done, STK v2.0 is ready for official release, however, there is no place for it on the web yet! I must try someday...


    I'm starting to develop this web page on my disk, I hope is still unused, STK v2.0 is done at 99.9%, after only one month of work! This is not good time to find libqv examples on the web...


    STK v2.0 development started, v1.0 abandoned because it's basic concept was not good for X Window System, it causing large bandwidth for connection, event when the active component don't need so much...


    STK v1.0 development started